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A new Bilingual/Bicultural Latina in Hollywood

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This past Friday I was fortunate enough to attend the red carpet event in LA for the world premiere of “Cougar’s, Inc.” a fairly low budget film with big name actors such as Denise Richards, Jim Belushi, Sarah Hyland (from Modern Family), Kathryn Morris (from Cold Case), Kyle Gallner (from Nightmare on Elm Street), among others. I was very proud to know that among all of these big time names was also my sister- a rising star and only Latina, Catalina Rodriguez.

Catalina was born in Colombia and was raised in Miami. She’s made a career in modeling and TV commercials for major brands, but her

Catalina and Dayanara Torres

passion is set on acting. Some of you may remember her from the CW’s “Watch Over Me” where she played the sexy villain Sasha, alongside Dayanara Torres. She’s also been in smaller movies such as “Spin” alongside Shalim (Charytin’s son) and Fernando Carrillo and has also finished shooting a movie with Ving Rhames, Steven Bauer (Scarface), and Hemky Madera (Weeds) set to release in 2012.

Working in advertising in New York City and knowing the growth and flux of the Hispanic market in the U.S. has meant

Catalina with the cast of "Spin"

opportunities for Latinos across all categories. Here I was seeing the impact first hand, as my sister was finally in a movie that may hit the big screen in a few cities and is already On Demand (via Time Warner channel 1000). I obviously had a ton of questions for her. Here’s my conversation with her as she’s getting her hair and makeup done for the red carpet…

Cata (as I like to call her), how much fun was it to shoot alongside Denise Richards?

On the set of "Cougars, Inc" with Denise Richards

I had a blast! The entire cast was great. Denise is very nice and down-to-earth, she’s also very funny. I also had a great time ad-libbing with Chris Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s son), he’s got great energy and while off-set he’s quite and tranquil; on-set he completely transforms and really comes to life.

Your character in this movie is loud, extroverted and has a heavy accent. Being a bilingual/bicultural Latina that speaks English without an accent, did it bother you to have to portray the stereotypical Latina that has an accent on the big screen?

To be honest women such as Sofia Vergara, Penelope Cruz, and Salma Hayek have worked very hard to open these doors for me. I’m an actress that plays characters and Dominica (my character) is this woman…not a stereotype but a testament to all of those women out there who live in the states and have an accent. I came across women like this all of my life growing up in Miami so I wouldn’t consider them a stereotype but a part of our Latino mix in the U.S. Think about it, if I wouldn’t have played her somebody else would have and I’m just blessed to have gotten the part!

Do you think with the amount of Latinos influencing America, roles for Latinos in Hollywood will begin to change even more?

Cougars, Inc Red Carpet Premiere (L to R) Graham Larson, Kathryn Morris, Kyle Gallner, Ashton Larsen, and Catalina

Sure! I think we’ve been seeing that evolution happen already. We now have women like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, America Ferrera and Eva Mendes playing women on the small and big screen, not playing Latinas with an accent. They just happen to be Latinas adding a whole new dimension, talent and exotic look to Hollywood.

How hard has it been to break into Hollywood as a Latina?

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been easy. I still remember the words one of my acting coaches told me once when I first got to LA “Catalina, beautiful woman in Hollywood don’t play girl next door roles.” I was grateful that he put in that category of beautiful woman but now that just means I have to work even harder to not get type-casted because as we all know, there are many more girl next door roles in Hollywood than lead roles. The best part of all is that I have an amazing family that is an incredible support team – they all keep me positive and looking ahead.

Also, Hollywood is getting much more open-minded, I remember only a few years back I wouldn’t even get a second-call back because my last name was Rodriguez.

Have you thought about changing it?

Yeah I won’t lie, it’s crossed my mind. But at the same time why would I want to change what differentiates me?

After a few hours of more chat, Cata is ready to put on her dress and leaves us with this…

Catalina on the cover of "Cougars, Inc" - she's wearing the red dress

To all the Latinas going after their dream all I have to say is don’t give up! I don’t mean to sound like a cliche, b ut if you really want it than go for it regardless of what anyone says but get good at it – you need to master your craft. I do that everyday and feel great about myself knowing I am doing everything I can to achieve my dream…the worst thing that can happen is asking yourself in the future ‘what if’ or having any regrets for not being proactive.

I feel good about this chat and can only be proud of my sister. Regardless of whether she is playing a stereotype or not she’s rolling with the punches and beginning to make a name for herself. I can only imagine what Hollywood will look like in the year 2050 when Latinos are supposed to represent a projected 29% of the population. In the mean time, I’m excited for what is ahead and the doors we Latinos are paving for ourselves here in the U.S. everyday.

PS: You can follow Catalina Rodriguez on twitter @crodriguez1227 and on facebook: catalina rodriguez


Shakira: When ambition sells you out

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There was a time when a 22 year old black-haired Colombian captured the hearts, soul and rhythm of Hispanics across the globe. Her music meant something and said something to anyone who had ever experienced feelings of heart-break, questioned life and went against the status quo.  You could feel her emotion with every lyric. That was 1996 and things have really changed since then.

I’m Colombian and while I can’t be anymore proud of the tremendous success and cross-over appeal Shakira has had over the past few years; I am even more proud at the exposure and good name she’s given all Colombians around the globe. And yet, I still have a love-hate relationship with her.

Let’s start with the love. She’s extremely talented as a singer songwriter, she can definitely move her hips like no other…she even taught Beyonce how to shake it. As a human being, her philanthropy is to be admired.  The park she created in Medellin, Colombia called “Parque de lo Pies Descalzos” (Barefoot Park) named after her first album, is a fabulous way of helping locals as well as tourists enjoy an oasis in the middle of the city; where you can simply kick off your shoes and relax! She was even a part of the ‘one goal’ program during this past World Cup with the Waka Waka song where she supported the cause to have education for all.

So, why would I even dare to have a love-hate relationship with an artist that is obviously amazing?

I understand there is a lot of pressure for Hispanic artists trying to breakthrough to the Anglo market; especially with competition like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Beyonce…and the likes. That’s why it was only natural for Shakira to show the world how a Latina moves her hips in order to stand out.

And, believe me when she did it in “Hips Don’t Lie” and with Alejandro Sanz in “La Tortura” the world was pretty mesmerized. Not only did she look sexy, she had changed her look from black hair to red hair to becoming this blonde bomb shell.  So far so good. I was excited about her career and was pretty clear as to what her strategy was to cater to a heavy pop culture, lollipop music type of audience.

From 2001 to 2006 Shakira established herself by giving us enough hip shaking, sexy moving, mud dancing, snake like moves (where her chest and shoulders move without moving her hips), and outfits that don’t go further than bikini tops and tight leather pants.

So, when it was known that Shakira was coming out with a new album in 2009, I was excited to see how she would re-invent herself in order to stay fresh and new. Now, with her “She Wolf” album, Shakira has taken her sexuality to a whole new level by dancing inside cages, humping speakers at concerts and making semi orgasmic sounds. And, while this may help her sell millions of records, I wonder if she’s ever asked herself if she’s taken this too far?

I don’t want to hate for the sake of hating. I just expect more from the intelligent, highly intellectual, don’t have to sell-my-body for you to like my music type of woman that I once knew. I miss the substance she used to give me with her music. And it seems I’m not the only one that feels this way, as I hear the “she sold out” comment a lot more now than ever before.

So, now I ask you. Has her ambition sold her out to the millions of fans who helped sky rocket her career and have been patient with her while she ‘makes’ it in the general market?

What do you think, has she sold out?