A Latina in the Philippines Part 2: Adventures in the rice fields

In travel, videolog on July 25, 2010 at 8:03 pm

So, as part of my journey I have decided to go down the non-touristy path whenever I can to really get a sense for what the locals do on a day-to-day basis. Follow me on my adventure as I plant a few rice plants in the municipality of Bato in the Philippines. Enjoy!

  1. that looks like fun! I hope Brian planted some too. Have fun!

  2. Brian was busy recording the video but he definitely was close enough! Thanks for the good wishes 🙂

  3. Great blog and video!!! I will never see rice in the same way again 🙂

  4. Lo MAXIMO amiguita 😀

  5. I had no idea how we got rice, and now I know. Thanks!

  6. I bet the water/dirt the rice is planted in is good for your feet! Probably makes them nice and soft.

  7. Lili, this is excellent! Nothing like a real travel experience (no tourists allowed please). This is a great example that the best insights always come from working “in the field”

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