Shedding a Light on the New America

In Uncategorized on June 28, 2010 at 4:08 am

As many of you know by reading from my blog posts, I am a true supporter in the changing landscape of our country and how Latinos are a big part of that. Not only from what the Census numbers will show us next year in how Latinos will account for almost 20% of the population, but also in how inter-ethnic and inter-racial marriages are increasingly widespread.

As you may or may not know, Oprah is looking for the next traditional talk show host for her new OWN network and I have submitted my video audition to “Shed a Light on the New America”- so we can have a more inclusive and diverse show where Hispanics are fully represented in English programming!

Oprah Video Audition

In addition, I want to bring social media into live traditional talk shows so that you, who live online for a large chunk of your time can still be a part of the daily conversations that happen in talk shows while you are at work or in school.

In advance I thank you for your support and votes. Click on the link or picture above and make your vote count. 🙂 Votes are valid until July 3rd.

  1. Great audition!! I agree that we need a show that reflects who we truly are, our diversity and our positive side. Voted!

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