The best insights come from comedians

In insights on June 20, 2010 at 12:30 am

Comedians aren’t only great observers and tell it as they see it, but they make us laugh by talking to us about the day-to-day things we humans see and do (regardless of race, age, color, size) and therefore we relate to what they say.

The other day I stumbled across “Ralphie May: Girth of a Nation” on Comedy Central a pretty funny comedian who loves to push the boundaries of political incorrectness by making people laugh at things they probably don’t want to laugh at. He made fun of everyone- from black people to midgets, from the pope and catholic church to white people and then he made fun of “retarded” people as he called them…and that’s when I thought….oh boy, he’s going there. But instead of making fun of them he actually made fun of the people that surround them (meaning all of us) and then he went on and shared one of the most memorable parts of his monologue which is where I think the insight is revealed…

“I think retarded people are the best part of our society, they commit no war, they love everybody, they work a bad job and are happy to have it. A lot of people say its a genetic mutation, like its a detraction to be retarded, not me, I hope it’s the next step in evolution. I hope we become one retarded planet. We’re already starting to do it. In this nation we spend over 10 billion dollars a year on drugs like Prozac, Xanax, Zoloft, and legal drugs like alcohol, plus illegal drugs…all in the effort to be retarded. That’s what all those beers are, 12 ounces of dumb, dumb, drink it up. Let’s get retarded in here!  You know why we all want to be retarded because they are happy, they are the happiest segment of our society. You know what a tard needs to have to be truly happy? A Scooby-Doo lunch box and if it comes with a thermos he’s hit the damn lottery. Cause they’re happy with what they have they don’t covet other things, they’re closer to God than we are, we should watch them and emulate them- we should all want to be tard happy.”

And this makes me wonder if Hispanics are the closest ethnicity at achieving “tard-happiness”? And I mean this with the most positive of intentions (as I include myself in this thinking).

Is this “tard-happiness” what is seen over and over again in major studies when we look at the optimism levels of Hispanics compared to that of non-Hispanic Whites? I say this because we, Hispanics, always seem to fair better across a lot of categories.

In fact, more optimism among Hispanics is seen:

Don’t get me wrong Latinos are still beset by issues and problems in the U.S. such as poverty, unemployment, teen pregnancies, school drop outs, more exposure to gangs, immigration status and even discrimination…and yet we still remain positive.

Maybe it’s because we are the youngest segment in the U.S. and therefore see light at the end of the tunnel regardless of any problems we may have, or perhaps it’s because of the ingrained faith that has been instilled in our culture to believe that things will be and get better. Perhaps it’s our belief in the famous saying “todo pasa por alguna razon” (everything happens for a reason). Or maybe this is one of the signs that points us to a better understanding at Hispanics’ push towards getting closer at our American dream — the idea that each generation will do better in life than the one that preceded it.

Whether it’s a any of these reasons or not, what is true is that this is definitely a trait that defines us as a culture. So next time, you are laughing at a comedian’s joke just think that there may be more truth and insight behind it than you may even imagine. Maybe that’s why you found the joke funny to begin with. 🙂


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