“Marketing to Latinas” Conference: An Overview

In conferences on June 14, 2010 at 6:37 am

This past Thursday I had the opportunity of going to a Latinvision conference about “Marketing to Latinas” it was a great event full of stats, insights and great information about the future and opportunity of Latinas in this country.

I love going to these events because not only do I get to see first hand what industry leaders have to say about our market but I also get to share a synopsis of the insights and findings with you.

The first and my favorite panel was “Marketing to Latina women of the New Age” with the following panelists:

  • Ruth Gaviria, CEO, Hispanic Media Venture, Meredith Corporation
  • Olivia Maloney, Director, US Hispanic Sales & Solutions, AOL Latino
  • Andiara Peterle, CEO, Bolsa de Mulher
  • Moderator: Laura Martinez, Founder,
    Mi Blog es tu blog

What was neat is that I didn’t feel alone when the moderator, Laura Martinez, said…“this morning I updated my twitter and facebook, told people about
my blog post, all before I even had my coffee.”
I could definitely relate and that’s when she said that many Latinas are doing the same around the U.S.

In fact, the discussion revolved around the need of providing appropriate online content for Latinas in the U.S. that appeals and is relevant to their needs. Andiara Peterle, CEO, Bolsa de Mulher in Brazil mentioned how her company had just conducted a proprietary study to understand Latina women in various countries. “You would think that women in every country should be targeted the same way with the same content when in fact there are so many differences to understand in order to truly relate to them.”

For example the study showed how Latinas in:

  • Argentina want to know more about e-commerce, shopping – especially social shopping – where they can share with others what they want to buy before they buy it.
  • Brazilian women want to have more social networks to communicate with friends.
  • While Mexican women don’t want to connect with brands but do want brands to sponsor the content they read especially the videos they see.
  • U.S. Latinas just want to be informed overall – they like to be in the know – and therefore crave more content

The new generation of Latinas (in their 20s) are becoming very similar in their needs to teenagers because they are more content creators than the mainstream or general market (or what we call white America). This is due to the way that technology is breaking economic and educational barriers. “If you can read and write you can communicate with everyone.” – Ruth Gaviria

The key is to understand women deeply via research and provide solutions with content, special products, projects and advertising. Such is the case with topics such as sex. Not all women want to hear about sex in the same manner. For example:

  • Argentinians  – you can’t talk to them about sex if you don’t talk about love and relationship
  • Brazilians – to them, sex is like talking about health – they are very open to the topic but not in a sexy way
  • Mexicans – they want to know about sex but you can’t go too far, as they don’t want to know about the details

“This just shows how it is so important to listen and understand in order to be relevant. That’s when you know you can’t reach women in the same way in all countries.” – Andiara Peterle, CEO, Bolsa de Mulher

So, is this the reason why sometimes brands have a hard time reaching us Latinas in the U.S.? Is it because we are such an array of cultures in one that they think that they are reaching us because they are talking to us in Spanish alone? or because they are showing us in a family environment?

And that’s when the next panel started “The Power of Latina Women” that showed how Latinas aren’t as traditional as we are usually portrayed in commercials…

This is what Leyla Ahuila, Sr. Analyst of Multicultural Reports at Mintel discussed when she gave us an overview of Latinas in the U.S.:

  • By 2050, Latinas comprise a quarter of the U.S. female population – Latinas are moms of 25% of the people being born in the U.S. On average, Latinas are having 3 children vs. 2.8 of African-Americans and they’re having more girls than boys.
  • Latinas are younger than non-Latinas – The majority of Latinas are under 45 years old and therefore their purchasing power is on the rise since many of them are still growing up
  • A larger percentage of Latinas are not married – it’s not about the traditional mom, dad and kids as they usually portray us. Almost half are not married (46.9%) and the good news is these numbers aren’t driven by teen pregnancy, although many of these unmarried Latinas could have children
  • Latinas are attending college at higher rates than Latinos – they have an ambitious mindset and are highly entrepreneurial Latinas are hitting the books, in fact, from 1996 to 2006 there has been an increase 222% of Latina college graduates. There has also been a 307% increase in masters degrees and 121% increase in Latina owned businesses.
  • A profile in her Social Networking Sites is her most used accessory – Latinas are spending more time on social networking sites than non-Latinas except for playing games online. They spend 1 hour and 11 minutes more on social networks (while also blogging and commenting online) than the general market

When it comes to Latina attitudes and mindset:

  • They have contradictory feelings regarding their bicultural upbringing – old world (of their parents) and new world values (from the U.S.)
  • Latinas are happier than non Latinas but Foreign Born Latinas harbor more unhappiness – this is due to their greater pressure to make it in the U.S. and succeed for their families…adding to their unhappiness
  • And, they are higher risk takers, more likely to try something new

So, after learning all of these stats I wonder if more and more advertisers (such as myself) are going to shape it up and begin to talk to us in a relevant manner beyond the family of four.

This is the reason I started this blog. Not only to get you up to speed with how advertisers are seeing us but to have a conversation with you about what you care about. So feel free let me know what you’re into and I’ll make sure to find out some info. or stat. and write about it.

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  2. “I like” thanks Lili!!

  3. Thank you for writing this overview. I listened via the Web stream, but the audio was not great. I love this subject because I wonder at the diversity of the word “Latina.”

    I am American-born of Cuban roots and living on the hyphen has provided me with an interesting set of stories…I am not Latina enough and I am not American enough. That said, I always pity the marketer who has to reach people like me.

    On my own blogs, Tiki Tiki Blog and Bilingual in the Boonies, the message I try to send is that “Hey, we’re just like you…with a little extra pica pica.”

    Nice to meet you.

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