Catch me cause YOU can!

In technology on June 10, 2010 at 6:35 am

Gone are the days when you used to get a few phone calls for your b-day and waited to maybe meet the day of the celebration to be congratulated in person. With so many ways to get in contact with people today there’s almost no excuse to say “oh, I called but couldn’t reach you or your voicemail was full”.  Nowadays, it’s as if there is no excuse to forget a b-day, period.  In fact, this past weekend as I celebrated my b-day, I couldn’t believe the number of ways in which I was able to receive birthday wishes; from txts, to facebook comments, music videos and virtual cards, from voicemails to e-mails, from tweets, and even on the blog…and you know, I felt pretty darn special to say the least. As I counted, more than 100 people wished me a fabulous day…100+ people!! That’s outrageous. Friends from high school, family from Miami, Colombia, colleagues from my current and previous workplaces from all over the country, college friends, friends of friends…you name it, they all came through.

It’s as if this digital world we now live in has allowed us to truly feel the love from others even more today regardless of distance. For this reason, communication and technology have become paramount in the millions of Latinos and Latinas living in this country. Between skype, txting, BBM, e-mail, and all the various social networking sites from myspace, facebook, hi5 where sending pictures and videos is the norm; this is what keeps us closer to our loved ones abroad. This is technology at its best and it comes natural to Hispanics because our average age is 28 compared with 36.8 years for the population as a whole, meaning we are the youngest segment in the U.S. allowing us to be early adopters of all this great technology.

And, even with all this technology we’re notorious for finding loopholes too. For example, I’ve encountered people who put their calling card phone number on their “fave five or friends and family plan” so they don’t get charged those minutes. Stats from a latest 2010 Synovate study show us that 32% of Hispanic adults (over 18 yrs.) own smartphones of which 46% own blackberries, and we know that those who have blackberry’s primarily use them so they can BBM their family and friends abroad for FREE! And it shouldn’t come to a surprise that 40% of Hispanics are skipping from paying internet at home and are preferring to access it on their cell phones instead (that means only one bill).

Hey, we are resourceful but mainly because at the end of all these loopholes there’s an inherent need to connect, share and interact with people who mean the world to us. It’s about not sacrificing the stories and moments we might be missing out on because we don’t live in the same city, town or even country, even if that just means wishing someone special a great happy birthday!

  1. is there we can add a “like” button? or perhaps a virtual fist pump??? I LIKE!!!!

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