Images speak louder than words

In sexuality on May 25, 2010 at 5:43 am

This post was inspired by the picture I found for my other post Flesh-o-meter where Latina women are seen as sex-symbols.
For this reason I’ve created an image comparison of women of various ethnicities with the use of a simple Google images search. When I searched for “(ethnicity) women working” these are the pictures that popped up (go ahead, try it yourself):

Latina women working:

African American women working:

Asian women working:

Indian women working:

White women working:

This just shows Latina women have some work ahead to not only change the current perceptions or “Google search images”  that pop up but also show we are much more than pretty faces. In fact, Latina owned firms in the U.S are now estimated at 700,000 and supporting them or buying from them, only helps them grow faster, enabling them to significantly increase their contributions to the socio-economic development of their communities. That’s why the Hispanic Business Women’s Alliance (HBWA) has announced that it is spearheading a national campaign promoting the theme: “The best way to help Latina entrepreneurs is to buy from them”.  They have even created an online U.S. Directory of Latina-Owned Businesses at their redesigned and content packed website.

So, when it comes to minority owned small businesses, blogs, and even social networks…go ahead support them and help the cause so hopefully in the near future, I’ll be able to update this post with pictures of ‘Latina working women’ that actually show Latinas working in a professional manner without just focusing on their bodies.

  1. i just did this search today for a deck i was creating!!! youre on point, lady! gracias!! xoxox ps: im going to spread the word about your blog to my fb friends… expect fans!

  2. This is so true! A year ago when I started my blog I did a lot of searches with the word Latina or mama latina and most of them had a sexual connotation. I wanted to use the word Latina so I went for it. Things are changing, i just did another search with the same words and now I see different things, I see blogs, books, and restaurants, I’m glad :). Great blog!!

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