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In beauty on May 20, 2010 at 11:15 am

@the Siempre Mujer Beauty Panel

We Latinas have a very special relationship with our appearance. I may not be as drastic as my abuela who puts lipstick before answering the phone or like my mom who NEVER leaves the house without looking fabulous (I’m talking about full makeup to get the mail- yes, the mail that is outside of her house, 20 ft. from the door). But, I still know the big beauty no, no’s I was taught throughout the years. So, it was quite ironic when I hurriedly put my makeup on during my regular subway ride to work, when I realized, today I wasn’t going straight to work…I was headed to a panel about “Latinas and Beauty” hosted by the magazine Siempre Mujer and moderated by Ruth Gaviria.

In the panel were experts on the subject:

– Ursula Carranza – Beauty Editor from Siempre Mujer
– Leonardo Rocco – legend in the hair design industry and spokesperson for Suave
– Dr. Alicia Barba M.D. – dermatologist and Harvard graduate
– Kristyn Page – Multicultural Director for Macy’s
– and the one and only Daisy Fuentes – Model and TV personality

While the panel acknowledged many of the facts that we Latinas already know about ourselves when it comes to beauty- like the fact that beauty starts at a very young age for us, that beauty doesn’t stop for Latinas of any age, and that we are obsessed with our appearance…I was more enthused with the fun anecdotes, quotes, stats and tips the panelists shared with all of us.

Here are the main highlights:

When asked if Latinas are brand loyal…
“They’re very brand loyal, but you can’t take that loyalty for granted. They are savvy, and they do a lot of research so you need to keep the products fresh and new. But most importantly, you need to engage with them in a conversation.” – Kristyn Page, Multicultural Dir. Macy’s

When it comes to price points Latinas spend on average $60 p/mth on beauty products vs. $22 from non-Latinas.

What is a good hair day?
It seems long hair is associated with sex appeal and while some women want to follow the new trends or go for shorter hair…in essence they go for the long hair “maybe it’ because they think men like long hair – that seems to be their push.” – Rocco

And when Daisy was asked whether she had bad hair days, I loved her reply, “I can crank an afro like it’s nobody’s business.” She went on to say that while she looks for healthy products she won’t go for the all-natural ones because, “I want the products to work.”

Panelists in Tribeca Cinemas

What are the hottest brands right now?
Lancome – while it has the right colors and shades that cater to Latinas it will be releasing a new line very soon specifically for Latinas with more intense colors, shades, that are shine free.  They are also training their staff to understand the multicultural customer where they will provide samples, have make-up and educational sessions.

Then the recommendations became more personalized based on their business sense…

  • The top selling brand at Macy’s with Latinas is Clinique.
  • Rocco mentioned brands such as L’Oreal, Rene Furterer, and Bumble and Bumble as being great products, but was very clear that it all depends on the look and style each person has.
  • Daisy mentioned the growth of some high-end brands such as Kerastase, and Moroccan Oil as being excellent
  • Dr. Barba M.D. mentioned the top products used by the patients in her practice are Clinique, Olay, Neutrogena and Cetaphil

And when it comes to fragrances…

“Latinas are not the unscented variant”

They mentioned that is was to no surprise that Latinas want to know the latest and greatest and go for the newest prestige brands.

“It’s not about treating Latinas differently than everybody else, we want to be included in the overall message, we’re not aliens. We just like to be acknowledged and addressed. My focus is to create a good product and therefore everyone (including Latinas) will like it.” – Daisy, on her experience when launching her fragrance brand DiaNoche at kohl’s

Is Beauty for themselves (women) or for men?
It’s impossible to ignore that most women are trying to look good for men. But it’s all about our self-esteem, “many Latinas who don’t feel great about themselves feel that by sticking themselves with needles as a way of self-punishment will make them feel better. But, I make sure to advise them properly to help them realize they don’t need as much as they want.” – Dr. Barba M.D.

So what advice can they give Latinas?

  • Don’t wear too much make-up – you don’t want to cover up your true self. Less is more!
  • Beauty is about confidence and that way you radiate
  • Embrace your age – women shouldn’t stop celebrating birthdays
  • True beauty comes from the inside…it might sound cliche but “no one has ever seen a woman who has ugly thoughts who is beautiful” – Daisy Fuentes

Overall, I was glad to be a part of some great discussion, some good laughs but most importantly the chance to get two autographed copies of Daisy Fuentes’ latest book “Unforgettable You.”

The Signed Copies of "Unforgettable You"

All you have to do to get a hold of one of these is to provide a comment to this blog post (opinion, your own advice, your beauty regimen…anything concerning your beauty experience) and you will automatically be part of the drawing.

The two lucky winners will be chosen Friday at 1pm, so stay tuned!

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  2. Awesome and insightful information Lili! This is such a great idea, count me in!

  3. This is so cool! I totally agree with the embrace your age comment. I’m 52, but I feel like a perfect 35! So far, I’m always celebrating my birthdays!

  4. I can totally relate to having a mom who puts on make-up to go get the mail. Mine even puts it on to shovel her backyard patio where no one will see her! (But hey, you never know who just might wander through 2 feet of snow to her backyard). I’m much less high maintenance than my mom, probably because I was raised here in the U.S. and have also learned the value of being comfortable. For instance, you won’t catch me in a new pair of heels for a day of sightseeing, yet I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to stop early because of Mami’s aching feet or find a shoe store where she can buy some sandals or sneakers. Beauty can be comfortable too. 🙂

  5. Daisy Fuentes continues to amaze me…she gets more beautiful over time. As a 37 year old, I am inspired by women in their 40’s who are aging gracefully, just like Daisy. I’m so glad to see her back on the Hollywood radar, as she is talented, smart, and business savvy.

  6. Should I be concerned that my girlfriend paints her nails at least once a day? Is there a super strong nail polish out there that won’t chip easily or fall apart if they get wet. Otherwise, I’m going to get stuck doing the dishes every, freakin’, time:(

    • Oh Noe, don’t despair of course there’s a solution…but don’t tell her what that solution is…instead go to a Duane Reade and buy her a surprise gift I use called “Sally Hansen Mega Shine”- which she can use as a top coat. Another tip, is also to spend a little bit more money on more expensive nail polish and that usually guarantees that the color stays longer. Stay away from the Insta Dry (fast dry) nail polishes – while they might dry quick the color doesn’t last long.

      That way her nails will stay painted longer and you will be seen as the best and most thoughtful boyfriend ever!

  7. My relationship with beauty and the products I used definitely comes from my mother and aunts. It doesnt surprise me that Clinique is a top brand for Latinas–because i still remember the day my aunt gave me my first Clinique face soap and lotion! Although I no longer use it, I still hold a special place in my heart for the brand. It would be really cool if they did something that pulled on some of those nostalgic strings. now that would really talk to me!

  8. This is a great idea Jessica and thanks for your comments. Clinique should re-connect with their first time buyers. I completely understand where what you mean because I lived the same experience you did…Clinique was also my first beauty product.

  9. Thank you my darling! I wouldn’t be able to do it without your loving support! muahhhhh.

  10. Great job on the blog! The content is very informative.

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