In sexuality, tips on May 19, 2010 at 4:21 am

As I browsed through the web trying to look for a good picture to add to my blog about yesterday’s article on “It’s Latina time” I noticed that when I Googled “latinas” there was a trend on the images that were found:

Almost all the pics looked like the one above. Believe me, I get it, we Latinas are not only voluptous, have curves but there is a sensuality and sexiness to us that not many ethnicities possess.  We also over-index on cosmetics, personal care, perfumes, and hair care products. We care about our beauty. WE are obsessed with vanity. And, I’m not saying that all Latinas are sexy but what I am saying is that there are distinct characteristics about us that differentiate us from other cultures.

But, when is sexiness treading a fine line with sluttiness?

In my mind the difference is clear. Sexiness is a mindset. It’s in the way we walk, in the way we move our hips, in the way we wear our clothes, in the way we dance, and of course in the way men look at us. So why do so many of our role models wear less and less clothes on Hispanic TV, especially on nights like Premio Lo Nuestro or Latin Grammy’s?

Don’t get me wrong I would love to have a body like the girls in the picture above but I wouldn’t want to show my body like that everywhere. And, yes although I have been guilty of showing a ton of cleavage at a few parties (hey, my bosom is hereditary), I realized I did it more when I was living in Miami – where I was surrounded by more Latinas. And now, that I live in Manhattan and I am furthering along in my career and hanging out with more gringas…Am I changing? Am I just getting more professional? or am I just adopting new ways?

I’m not sure but maybe that’s what happens to all those celebrities in Univision and Telemundo. They live from event to event with the same other voluptuous celebrities like themselves and therefore find it normal to wear less and less clothes- and they find themselves competing. I mean, just the opposite happened to Sofia Vergara when she arrived in Hollywood – to make it in the Anglo world she was advised to get her breast size reduced!

So, I guess my advice is, next time you’re headed to an event think of the audience that will be at the party. And then look at the amount of flesh you are showing. The more blanquitas or gueritas the less flesh, the more Latinos more flesh…between you and I we can call it the flesh-o-meter, just remember the choice is up to you.

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